We are delighted to move forward with our New Commercial division which will allow us to easily bridge and process requests from any commercial business.  We are very excited to promote Supernatural Brand's fantastic range of products and our main goal is to assist one's current process by enhancing multiple aspects.  We have been in business many years and over time have gained a solid attitude and confident voice. We are comfortable in stating that, year after year, we are an excellent choice.


‚ÄčThroughout history,  great civilizations have given us amazing discoveries and inventions that have shaped and continue to mould the ideals of modern man. One of the most significant achievements in agricultural farming was developed by the Ancient Aztecs. Floating gardens called Chinampas led to the amazing wealth and success of the great Aztec Empire. Using this technique the Aztecs became the largest and best fed nation in the world, achieving a staggering 7 giant crops per year instead of the conventional one to two yearly harvests.  
Supernatural Brand has redefined these same agricultural characteristics and techniques that were used by the Ancient Aztecs.  This modern day Aqua - Terra gardening breakthrough is the most advanced growth technique available, allowing you to achieve an outstanding 8+ crops per year! 
Supernatural Brand brings these same principles and materials to your own agricultural crops, transforming your garden into a 21st century

‚ÄčCUSTOMER CONFIDENCE - Using Supernatural Brand


I've been growing indoor large scale commercial recreational for over 3 decades, two and a half years ago after visiting another operation using the Aqua - Terra  Supernatural System, I was convinced after seeing so I switched everything to Supernatural Brand using pure earth elements, perfect pots, air pressure tables and Terra nutrients including Enormous The purity quality performance and forgiveness not to mention the grow medium is completely amazing. Things like pH control, Co2 dispensing and monitoring, pumps, final volume mixing, extensive HVAC systems, throwing away medium, intensive labor, lost yields, powdery mildew are just a few things that I no longer deal with. The feeding method makes the plants grow so fast that all that equipment just gets in your way.  I'm now consistently cutting three weeks off my six week veg cycle in and saving two weeks on my flowering time cutting my flowering cycle is back to 42 days and I'm sure I can reduce this to 35 days flowering cycle with the right strain and Supernatural Brand technique the quality flavour aroma pureness and staggering yields cannot be matched to this system. My labor and materials cost has been drastically reduced and I am currently running one of the most productive and highest quality and purity, flavour that cannot be matched. I'm way further ahead with large scale expansion and happier than I have ever been.

    Thanks Supernatural!
        Jaden, Whistler BC


I am a designated grower who has gone from using coco coir to Proterra growing medium. I have seen an increase in plant health, size, and yield, and I have no intention of using coco again.

   There were many struggles with coco initially. Since day one powdery mildew had been a problem. From a handful of colonies to absolute take over, the threat was always there. So were the fungus gnats. All though easy to control, at a commercial scale it was quite the hassle.
   On top of a tough maintenance schedule, coco also uses calcium-magnesium. A nutrient found naturally in most soils but not coco. It's not much more work but adding third party supplements always raises the risk of nutrient lockout.

   At that time we had used a couple of Supernatural Brand supplements. A colleague recommended the true feeding plan, soil and all, so we ran a trial.
    What a difference. Pests and fungus are a thing of the past and the plants' response to the food is tremendous. We've seen an increase in height, branch thickness, as well as overall plant stability. More impressive then all of that, however, is the yield.

    Our experiment ran 35 coco plants against 5 of the supernatural. All plants were the same age, health, size and strain.
   The SNB plants were in 10 gallon pots and the coco were in 15 gallons. All plants were hand watered as needed, and they were all sprayed with the same organic pest control.
    Those 5 plants produced 37% of our yield, dwarfing the coco by nearly 4/1. Those are numbers that are hard to ignore.

    We have since switched our entire system from coir to proterra and the results have been replicated time and again. Thank you to Supernatural for the incredible product. 

     From a happy customer
          -TB, designated grower


Re: RootBurst Powder

Great Product! This is my Holy Grail rooting hormone powder. Highest level of hormone I have found. It takes all the chance and skill out of cloning. This stuff will grow roots on a rock! The powder never goes bad and goes much farther than messy gels. I will never clone with any other product, there is no point. 99-100% strike rate consistently. Thanks for another great product!


We are excited to announce the launch of our

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