AQUA TERRA FARMING is known as the most impressive crop production method ever devised. 


SUPERNATURAL BRAND ENORMOUS is made from the Sea of Cortez. It is the richest body of water on the planet, containing over 90+ ancient trace mineral elements. Supernatural Brand is your key to unlocking the ancient Aztec techniques and having the most productive growth system ever devised. Guaranteed. Get ready to harvest 8+ crops per year.

MUST WATCH!  -  Take a moment to watch 'Jorge Cervantes' express his joy when using Supernatural Brand's special growth medium. George says to use it up to ten times.  Our commercial customers use the medium continuously by replenishing by 20% after each crop.

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Watch the video to see the plant's progress. Stay tuned to see the finished product.

Our Revolutionary Grow System is both advanced and unique. The Beginning Of Its Evolution Dates Back to 1980 and Today is Proudly Put To Use in Mega Sized Commercial Applications. The Trays "Flash" the Nutrients with unmatched performance.  Trays are Easily connected Within Minutes, Making Large Commercial Installations a Literal, "Snap, Snap, Snap", .....and you're Done.  They also Have Their Own Built In Nutrient Reservoir. Using a Dosing Injector Eliminates a Final Volume Mixing Tank and Really Streamlines Your Operation. The Economical Use of Low Pressure Air Delivers the Nutrient Solution Up Into the Root Zone. A Proprietary Shuttle Valve Ensures Maximum Crop Performance.

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Terra-Soil® is a high quality growth medium. It is completely devoid of waste or animal products. The state-of-the-art blend consists of bog materials, leonardite, perlite and vermiculite.
The bog material is surface extracted and dried before blending. The deposit lies at the foot of an ancient volcano and so contains ash. The material also contains an abundance of sea shells which allow the deposit to be dated to the interior British Columbia post glacial period of 10,000 years ago.
The bog is a high quality phragmites type, named after the reed grass genus that it formed from, being dense and very stable. The leonardite is a naturally occurring oxidized form of lignite coal. The perlite and vermiculite, expanded volcanic rock and expanded mica respectively, are both odourless and sterile. Terra-Soil® is reused continually by using 20% fresh mix after every crop.